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Profanity Causes Teen Aggression
Profanity on TV Up 69%



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Headphones For Kids
Emergency Car Hammer
TV Timer BOB
iBoss Network Filter
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ReadyNet Network Extender


Time Management Tools
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Filtering DVD Players
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TV Guardian
Profanity Filters
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Internet Filtering
PowerStop Power Plug Lock
Time Managers
ReadyNet Network Extender


Internet Filtering
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CarChip Pro


CarChip Pro
PowerStop Power Plug Lock


Digital Audio Coaxial Cable
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Preserving Family Values in a Media Driven Society

Providing parental control solutions for families concerned about the profanity, promiscuity and violence in today's media and entertainment. Thank you for choosing Family Safe Media!

Profanity Filtering  |  TV & Video Game Time Control  Power Locks
Internet Filtering  |  Remote For Kids  |  Filtering DVD Players  |  Software

TV Timer & Video Game Timers TV & Video Game Time Managers

Automatically limit the time your children spend watching TV, playing video games or on the computer.
Compare All Our Time Management Solutions

TVGuardian LTProfanity Filters:
TV Guardian Set-top Boxes

The TV Guardian filters profanity from your TV, DVD, Satellite, and Cable, While You Watch!  Now support for HD TV and Movies!
Click here for TVGuardian information.

VoltBoltPower Plug Locks

Protect your children from harmful equipment or help manage the consumption of TV, video games and computer time. 

More information about our best selling power locks.

TV-b-GoneTV-B-Gone Pro
& TV-B-Gone Keychain.
We live in a world with
too many TVs

Just point and click and turn on or off any TV.  For fun or to stop the insanity.  More information about the TV-B-Gone.

  Headphones for KidsKidz Gear Headphones

Use our sound limiting technology to protect your children's ears from lout DVD players and MP3 players.  You may not know when they turn it up.  Rest assured that they will be protected no matter what headphones they like to use. We have solutions for all types of headphones.  More information on our volume limiters and Kid's Headphones.

The Next Generation of
Internet Filtering is Here

NetGenie Wireless RouterFilter every Internet enabled device in your house with one router.  Easy install and user-level access control.  Don't rely on your bypass-able software program only on the 'kids' computer. One solution covers every computer, gaming device and iPod Touch in your home. 
Start providing complete protection for your family.

WeemoteSimplified Remotes
Making TV Safer For Your Children
& Easier for Seniors

We offer the a wide range of family of remotes.  The Weemote X gives the parents the control and the children the power. Weemote X is a great simplified remote for seniors and adults as well..  More information. 

ReadyNet Broadband Network Adapters

ESW200-150wEasy, Secure Alternative to a Wireless Network.  Need a network connection near your TV?  Don't mess with the complexities of wireless, use our networking tools that use the power lines already in your home.  More information on these breakthrough products.

CarChipCarChip Pro
Black Box For Your Car

How well are your children driving your car?  Are you a parent of a teen driver?  You may need one of our tools to help monitor activity in your car.
More information on the CarChip.

Busy Book
Quiet Book

Jump start your child's intellectual and creative mind with 12 pages of fun and engaging activities.  Also perfect for those places your child needs to sit quiet.  More about the My Busy Book Quiet Book.

I am Big BrotherParental Control

We have several software packages that will help you protect your family.  Time management, monitoring, and even remote monitoring.   Parental Control Software.


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Featured Products

Defiant, Disrespectful Child?  FREE Help

Use the Kill a Watt Power Usage Monitor to find the power hogs in your home or office.  Track energy consumption.
More on the Kill a Watt

Family Games
Unique Games For the Entire Family

The Entitlement Trap: How to Rescue Your Child with a New Family System of Choosing, Earning, and Ownership

Special Offer

A More Perfect Union
A More Perfect Union : America Becomes A Nation - The first comprehensive recreation of those stirring, heated debates during the sweltering summer of 1787. More...


"Great products! I have been using Family Safe Media for the last 10 years.

"Family Safe Media continues to have products as my children get older and I find myself facing new challenges of how to protect them from hazards and dangers traveling electronically. Over 10 years I have purchase and used almost every product that Family Safe Media sells.

"I also refer their sites to all of my family, friend & coworkers with children. They always ask what my secret to raising such great kids and with a wink, I pass them the web site for Family Safe Media. It takes a village to raise children. Family Safe Media is part of my children's village.
- Sheila Hallinan


Filtered Movies

Watch your movies without the offensive
Scenes and Language.
Try one of these amazing devices with
a 30-day trial.
Filtering DVD Players

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